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  • Overview of SEO Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is more important today than ever before. In an online world, dependant on search, SEO helps ensure that you can be found by people looking for what you provide.

    SEO is essentially an online marketing campaign that aims to ensure your site is regarded as being an important or relevant destination for what a person is searching for and then listed as close to the first search results as possible.

    Perigee can analyze your competitors, target markets, website navigation, visitor profiles, website content and more so that we can provide accurate information about what is required to increase your business' online visibility. Get started today!

    Make your business or website more visible.

    Search Engine Optimization will work to improve your natural or organic traffic, and is not a replacement for direct or targeted advertisement methods such as Google Adwords, Banner / Magazine adverts etc.

  • Techniques & Philosophy

    What is Part of an SEO Campaign

    When running an SEO Campaign, the ultimate target is generally to increase your website's online visibility and / or to increase the quality of your website's visitors. The ultimate aim is to increase conversion rates which is the percentage of visitors to a site that perform a desired action. This can be a product sale, a quotation or info request, or other such actions.

    We have partnered with a number of clients to help their solutions attract potential customers or clients, whether it has been to sell a product, service or simply to provide information.

    An actual campaign will generally include tasks such as

    • Keyword analysis and targetting
    • Website coding semantics and standards
    • Page content and accessibility
    • Google Analytics / Webmaster statistics and benchmarking
    • Competitor analysis and keyword competition
    • Inbound links / Page Rank and general referral traffic

    In addition to standard SEO areas, Perigee can provide assistance and guidance with leveraging Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn etc, as well as providing a cost-effective e-marketing platform for direct marketing via e-mails and newsletters to a subscriber list

    We will work with you to help realize the maximum return online for your business, which ultimately provides the opportunity for increased growth.

  • ROI & Pricing Models

    Maximising ROI

    A big question for small businesses today is whether or not such a marketing campaign is worth the cost. At Perigee, we are always willing to work out a pricing model that allows us to do business with you, and allows your business to grow.

    Among the different ways that an SEO Campaign can be priced include:

    • Simple Flat Monthly Fee
    • Flat Monthly Fee subject to agreed conversion increases
    • Monthly Percentage of revenue directly related to conversions
    • Flat Monthly Fee Minimum + Percentage of agreed Classes of Revenue

    Determining the value and benefit of Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

    So please let us know today what your marketing targets are, and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss models, aims and requirements for your business' SEO Campaign.

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