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  • Overview of Managed Hosting

    Managed Hosting Solutions

    Perigee are able to offer dedicated, virtual or even cloud-based hosting services to power your business. You can benefit from a scalable hosting platform backed up by our expert support services.

    With a managed hosting service, all hardware and software parts are installed, configured and supported by us, allowing you to benefit from specialized skills and knowledge without the high cost of a separate internal IT team.

    Browse through the menus to view some more details of our hosting services, and you will find out exactly how Perigee can help and support your business to excel and grow it's services and in the process, bring increased efficiency and value-for-money.

    With our expertise, you can break down market barriers and take advantage of modern business technology. Let us know what you are looking to do and we can provide details and pricing on a tailored managed hosting solution just for you.

    Our Technology Partners
  • Network and Datacenter

    Our Hosting Infrastructure

    Perigee controls and manages it's own server environments primarily located in a premium datacenter at 111 8th Avenue in New York. From here we are able to benefit from control and flexibility as well as the proximity to end-user ISPs & companies in the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

    This prime New York location enables us to provide a powerful hosting service platform for business that provides low latency, responsiveness, and reliable access to customers and website visitors, from an industry leading facility which is one of the most well-connected hubs on the internet, and fully IPv6 enabled. For truly global deployments, we can also offer our managed hosting in Singapore and Amsterdam.

    The advantage to having complete control over the physical infrastructure that powers your solution is that we are able to configure, expand or customize the environment to ensure optimal performance, uptime and user experience for your website's visitors.

    New York's 111 8th Avenue is a premier North American carrier hotel and is home to over 40 of the leading domestic and international carriers. 111 8th Avenue is a 15-story building that occupies an entire city block between Eighth and Ninth Avenues and 15th and 16th streets.

    The property, owned by Google, is the second largest building in New York City at 2.9 million sq. ft., and has become one of the most important high-tech facilities in the world resting atop one of the main fiber optic hubs in New York City, the Hudson Street Ninth Avenue "fiber highway".

    Datacenter Location: 111 8th Avenue, New York

    Due to the premium network connectivity available to us, all servers are on a high-speed 1Gbps uplink, with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

  • Standard Web Hosting

    When Performance & Reliability is Important

    Starting at $9.99 / month

    Our Standard Web Hosting service, which includes cPanel® with Softaculous, the leading consumer hosting control panel, will get you online at low cost while also allowing you to take full advantage of a premium hosting location and network in downtown New York

    Our hosting will help you to maximise your website's uptime as well as it's performance and is supported by our knowledgeable team to ensure that nothing is overlooked or not working as it should be.

    Our standard web hosting packages will provide all of the essential features for modern websites and communities, ready to go and use.

    Linux Starter Package

    • Disk Space: 3,000MB
    • Data Transfer: 50GB
    • MySQL: Yes
    • Mailboxes: 20

    Order - $9.99/month

    Linux Premium Package

    • Disk Space: 6,000MB
    • Data Transfer: 120GB
    • MySQL: Yes
    • Mailboxes: Unlimited

    Order - $18.99/month

    Linux Media Package

    • Disk Space: 20,000MB
    • Data Transfer: 400GB
    • MySQL: Yes
    • Mailboxes: Unlimited
    • CDN: OnDemand

    Order - $39.99/month

    Domain Names

    • .com .org .net .us $11.99
    • .info .name .biz $11.99

    Thawte SSL Certs

    • SSL123 (DV) - $39 / yr
    • WebServer (IV)- $99 / yr
    • SuperCert (IV) - $239 / yr
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    Web Hosting Features

    All hosting plans include the following features

    • Linux based web servers
    • Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.2
    • 1Gbps internet uplink
    • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus mail filtering
    • Full featured cPanel control panel
    • Softaculous script installer
    • FTP and SFTP access to files
    • SSL Certificates available

  • Dedicated Servers

    Private Server Environments

    We offer dedicated managed hosting using both physical servers, as well as virtual servers. The majority of projects will realise cost-savings and increased flexibility when utilising Virtual Dedicated Server systems.

    Our virtual systems are powered by Xen, the leading Open Source paravirtualized hypervisor, complete with a web-based management control panel that allows us to provide reboot & console access and more to our clients

    A Managed Dedicated Server will provide a private, flexible and secure environment for your critical and sensitive data or transactions

    If you are looking to run a site or service that handles sensitive customer data such as e-commerce online stores and needs to conform to standards such as PCI-DSS etc and requires a customized or specific software configuration or simply needs guaranteed resources and the ability to scale, then a Managed Dedicated Hosting solution from Perigee will provide your business with the neccesary tools to accomplish these tasks and more with ease and peace of mind

    View server prices and order or contact us about your project or business and we will be delighted to discuss all available options with you and to put together a customized solution to fit your specific requirements.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Per-Minute or Per-Month

    Cloud Hosting servers are available on-demand and billed either per minute or per month, depending on your preference and needs. We also provide full management for this service to ensure the minimum of worry and overheads for your business.

    When developing complete hosted solutions for our clients, Perigee will always evaluate which hosting platform is the most appropriate in each case, some websites require large data transfers, and some need the ability to scale up quickly in times of high-demand traffic periods

    If you need Cloud Hosting for your business, contact us today with details of your application or project and we will be delighted to provide more information and a suitable package.

  • CDN & Streaming

    Content Delivery Without Bottlenecks

    No Minimum Commit: $0.15c per GB

    If you need to deliver or stream audio and video content, the last thing you want is a bottleneck occuring or your videos constantly pausing and buffering.

    Using our CDN services, leveraging the VoxCAST CDN platform for both On-Demand or Live Streaming content, avoids the creation of bottlenecks by bringing the content to multiple delivery points across the USA, Europe and Asia where it is downloaded or streamed by your website's users at higher speeds.

    As part of our managed service offerings, Perigee provides access to the VoxCAST CDN Network which will ensure that any project that requires real-time streaming, high-demand downloading or low-latency response times can be handled and developed to it's maximum potential

    CDN Delivery Network Supports both On-Demand services as well as Live Streaming services

  • Scalability

    Hosting to Fit and Grow

    The single most critical requirement for your business when deciding on a solution or service provider to work with is the ability of the service to grow or expand as needed with the business' needs. We strongly believe in this principal and, as a result, all of our solutions and services are designed around this central goal.

    • Our CDN service allows traffic to grow when and where needed
    • Virtual servers can be allocated more RAM or Storage space on demand and with little or no downtime
    • Our Collaboration and E-Mail services scale or cluster to ensure availability

    When hosting with us, you get a reliable, secure and dependable service in addition to the assurance that when you need more resources or additional service capacity, it will be there for you.

    Choose Perigee today as your managed hosting provider and know that you have a dedicated and passionate team of people to support your business where it matters.

    Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements, and we will be delighted to provide you with a quote and more details.

  • Reliability & Backup

    99.9% Uptime Target and Off-Site Backup

    Perigee strives not only to maintain a minimum of 99.9% uptime each month, but also to ensure that all customer data is backed up to a secure off-site archive.

    Archives for systems will include nightly backups for each of the past 7 days, and also one for each of the past 4 weeks. For completion, an archive 2 months back is also retained.

    We keep you running, online and available

    With our managed hosting solutions you will be able to take advantage of a managed and secure infrastructure, without risking your data and files being on a webserver shared with other customers, that is configured specifically for your needs. This is a requirement for any business even thinking of processing online orders or storing confidential or sensitive data.

    If you have any questions about the requirements of your website or service please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your options, and how Perigee can assist you, in greater detail.

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