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  • Overview of Hosted PBX

    Managed Voice and PBX Solutions

    Voice communication is still as crucial a requirement for businesses as it has ever been. However, expensive T1 or ISDN lines are not. VoIP provides a high-quality, cost effective alternative to conventional systems, and allows you as a business to reduce costs and overheads.

    Perigee can install, configure and manage a modern Hosted PBX system, powered by Digium's Asterisk software, for your business. The core systems are then located in our datacenter 'cloud' which provides increased performance and reliability.

    Enhance Productivity and Reduce Costs

    This service will not only allow you to have an internal managed phone system, but also multiple offices or remote employees connecting to the system as if they are all at the same location. This brings cost savings for calls between employees (no telephone charges), and also for external calls to traditional phone numbers - which cost less than 2c per minute to anywhere in the US.

    Please talk with us today to discuss the options and how Perigee can help you make your business more competitive and cost-effective.

  • Scalable and Reliable

    Managed Virtual PBX

    As it is a software technology, Asterisk can operate on standard computer server hardware. This allows for hardware and capacity upgrades and migrations without major system reconfigurations, costs or downtime.

    In addition, it uses standard networking technologies, which means that the need for both phone and ethernet sockets and cabling systems throughout an office is no longer necessary. You just connect desk phones to your computer or data network.

    Connect your business to the world using VoIP and the Internet

    The Hosted PBX service allows you to have your central system located off-site and minimises connecitivity issues. In addition, it does not require on-site visits for upgrades or maintenance. Your phone system will be located in our secure, redundant and high bandwidth datacenter location and be available 24/7.

  • Features

    Connect Anywhere

    The major benefit that VoIP technology has provided to business is the ability to use the internet to eliminate physical distance. You can take advantage of this with a Hosted PBX for your business, and connect to your office phone systems and employees from anywhere and almost any device that has a stable internet connection available.

    At the office, you can be reached via your desk phone. If you leave the office, that same number or extension can reach you on your mobile phone. When you get home, you can be reached on that desktop or laptop.

    Its the ultimate in mobility.

    In addition to increased mobility, the advantages of a Managed VoIP PBX system also include:

    • Online Web Management
    • Auto-Attendant (Voice Menus)
    • Voicemail & Music on hold
    • Call forwarding
    • Conference Calls
    • Savings in Call Costs

    Let us know what your phone or voice requirements are so we can discuss your needs in more detail and provide a solution that works for your business.

  • Compatible Phones

    IP Phone, Soft Phone, Mobile Phone

    The beauty of a Hosted PBX service is the variety of options available for extending your company telecommunications capabilities beyond the office. The leading choices include the Cisco 7940 IP Phone that might be on your desk in the office, the Bria softphone app on your iPhone or even BlackVoib on your BlackBerry, and finally the Bria or XLite applications on your PC or Mac.

    The configurability and versatility of a Hosted PBX service can truly empower your business, making it more competitive, cost-effective and flexible. Please talk with us today to discuss your needs or to learn more about the technology and how it can benefit your business.

    Connect from anywhere with a variety of different devices

  • Pricing

    Reduce Costs & Increase Performance

    The Hosted PBX solution managed by Perigee Global allows your business to take advantage of a flexible and professional phone system, while at the same time reducing required expense or replacing a more expensive existing system.

    To the right is an outline of typical costs for the Hosted PBX solution for a small business (under 10 users). For a quote that meets your business needs, please contact us with your details and requirements.

    • Setup and Configuration: $599
    • Monthly Hosting Fees: $99
    • System Management: Included
    • External Calls: up to 2c / min US & Canada
    • Internal Calls: Free
    • Inbound Calls: Free
    • PSTN Channels: 4 ($11/month each additional)

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