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  • Overview of E-Mail Solutions

    Hosted E-Mail For Business

    E-Mail is a core function of essentially all businesses today. People depend on e-mail that is flexible, reliable, trustworthy and above all, works for their business situation.

    With Perigee, you can have your entire e-mail facility managed and hosted to allow you to concentrate on using it. We provide spam & virus filtering, e-mail archiving & audit logs on our security appliances, and a full collaboration suite on top of that which is powered by Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

    Another critical feature for effective communication is instant messaging, replacing e-mail in many scenarios for instant or real-time interaction. Our Hosted E-Mail & Collaboration Solutions include an internal / hosted IM facility that is integrated with e-mail accounts. Our IM service is based on the XMPP open protocol, and allows direct chat to GMail or GoogleTalk / Ovi / users and more.

    Find out more about hosted e-mail and what solution might be the most effective for your business

    Keeping you connected, in sync and doing business

  • Features and Benefits

    Powered by Zimbra Collaboration Suite and ESVA

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a leading open-source alternative to a Microsoft Exchange environment which includes the following essential features:

    • Advanced Spam & Virus Protection
    • WebMail Access via Browser
    • Cross-Platform Desktop Client
    • Mobile / Remote Sync (ActiveSync & iSync)
    • IMAP & POP3 access
    • Calendars, Tasks, Documents, Social Networking
    • Address Books (Personal, Shared & Global
    • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and BIS compatability

    With our managed hosted e-mail, you can leverage e-mail & IM communication in a private and secure manner which allows you to control where sensitive data is stored, as well as ensuring secure transmission of documents and information between your staff.

    View a Demo of the Zimbra software and see how your business can benefit from increased productivity.

  • E-Mail and IM Clients

    Compatible Clients

    With the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and IM services, there is a variety of different ways to access your data.

    • Web Browser Client
      - Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer etc
    • Desktop Application
      - Application for Windows, MacOSX and Linux
    • Any IMAP or POP3 e-mail client
      - Outlook, Thunderbird, KMail etc
    • RIM's BlackBerry BIS service
      - Push-Email with any BlackBerry service plan
    • Any XMPP Client for Instant Messaging service
      - Adium, Pidgin, Bria etc

    The variety of choices available ensures that you can access your information when, where and how you need to!

    Learn more about the options and features of the Zimbra system and how our hosted e-mail and collaboration solutions can enhance your business.

  • Backup and Redundancy

    Maximising Uptime

    The mailbox and e-mail processing are performed by seperate systems. This means no 'lost' or rejected mail if a component is offline.

    In addition to uptime features, all processed e-mail is archived for up to 30 days. A nightly remote backup is also kept of all e-mail that is transferred in the event of unexpected deletion or data loss on your own systems or mailboxes. A Perigee Hosted E-mail solution means peace of mind.

    Backup and Redundancy, Preventing Lost Data

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