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    Browse via the left menu to see some examples of our custom website design solutions that we've created for clients and how we approached the project for each business' unique requirements and target audiences, or discuss design ideas with us and take the first step towards building an exciting online presence and user experience for your business.

    We specialize in a full range of custom web design services combining design cues with attractive and functional javascript features in addition to database backends to render an engaging yet practical user experience that makes a lasting impression.

    We would be more than happy to discuss design ideas and concepts with you, or to simply start from scratch. If you have an existing design and are looking to bring it up-to-date, we can fully overhaul your site while keeping critical branding & design cues intact.

  • Dispatch Press Images

    A division of American Photojournalism, Inc., established in 1981, Dispatch Press Images is a press photo agency, carrying a working relationship with professional photographers around the world. They are dedicated to reportage, following in the traditions of the great photo agencies of the 20th century, and with respect to the magazines that carried their work, including Life and many others. Their selection of photography is made up of photo essays, spot news, and stock photography.

    Perigee Global has provided a custom solution to Dispatch Press Images to make this library available to professional publishers via the web. Based on a simple and elegant concept, their publicly browsable gallery of photos instantly becomes a professional shopping cart system upon user login. The payment gateway is fully integrated throughout the checkout process, so their customers never leave the site to complete a transaction. In compliance with standard security requirements, the site is SSL certified and runs in it's own managed server environment, provided by Perigee Global's hosting.

    The Dispatch Press Images website is a complete custom solution, built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and the jQuery Javascript framework. It features a full custom website design based on concepts provided by the client. Corporate identity services were provided with a custom designed logo for the site and printed materials. It also features a HTML newsletter mailing system and a featured photo gallery powered by Slideshow Pro.

    Custom Website Design for Dispatch Press Images

  • Law Offices of Gary I. Fields

    The Law Offices of Gary I. Fields is a Port Washington, NY based boutique health law firm, offering foresight, innovation, leadership and a twenty-year superior track record. They are positioned to furnish health care providers and businesses with creative, affordable legal solutions to ensure success in these difficult times.

    The Law Offices of Gary I. Fields came to Perigee Global looking for a first-time web presence that captures the overall demeanor of their practice. In particular, they put a premium on a complete custom look that conveys a sense of their friendly, approachable atmosphere as much as their seasoned professionalism.

    We provided a full top-to-bottom custom website design solution built upon XHTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Javascript framework, and custom graphics. In addition, we implemented a fully syndicated and database-driven newsletter and HTML e-mail system, which includes automatic publishing to the website. The newsletter system can be followed via any standard RSS reader allowing end-users to read updates remotely using their preferred client applications or devices. To round out their first-time web presence, we also provide the hosting solution.

    Custom Website Design for Gary I. Fields

  • 3SNY Car Club

    Comprising the best collection of Mitsubishi 3000GT's and Dodge Stealths New York has to offer, 3SNY is a car enthusiast club that focuses as much on the people as it does on the cars. This club boasts a friendly family-oriented atmosphere that transcends a typical enthusiast organization.

    One of our first sites, set the standards for what Perigee Global have since become known for - a seamless blend of stunning custom website design and current technology in a way that is innovative, engaging, and practical.

    The 3SNY web site is a full custom solution, built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and the Scriptaculous Javascript framework. It features a full VIN-validating registration system, as well as a HTML newsletter mailing system. Slideshow Pro powers the Fleet and Media image galleries. Additionally, is hosted entirely in-house.

    Custom Website Design for 3SNY

  • Pampena Motorsports

    Run by world reknown tuner and motorsports developer Ray Pampena, Pampena Motorsports is the premier facility for maximum performance street and track racing development. Fully ASE certified and with years of experience, this record-breaking company has pushed the envelope of domestic and import platforms to the bleeding edge. But going fast is nothing without the technical knowledge to make it happen the right way, and that is where Pampena Motorsports stands out. Their reputation is built on the experience and know-how to deliver desired performance goals to their clients, time and again.

    Perigee Global has created and rendered a world class custom website design concept to match the reputation of Pampena Motorsports. Crafted from our in-house site framework, we custom scripted a set of AJAX transitional effects to change backgrounds and center content in unison from a fully search engine-friendly javascript menu. In addition, the home page is designed to demand viceral attention, not unlike the creations that roll out of the shop. The large engaging visuals combined with a modern layout and featured product store feed give visitors plenty to take in. But the site is not without substance - dig deeper, and you will find a wealth of information about the services provided, as well as an AJAX-powered contact form and Google map integration.

    This full custom solution is powered by HTML, CSS, jQuery javascript framework, and is hosted. The online store is powered by Magento, features a custom skin designed by Perigee Global for Pampena Motorsports, and is fully hosted as well.

    Custom Website Design for Pampena Motorsports

  • The Corridor

    'All Original, All The Time', The Corridor is a Long Island, NY publication that offers the local and surrounding business communities a print vehicle which will present them in a positive light, encourage future business among ourselves and our markets, and offer a sophisticated advertising alternative to Newsday, Pennysavers and College-type newsletters. This is accomplished by focusing primarily on the independent business, which is the main stay of American commerce and industry.

    In contrast to the beautifully crafted magazine, The Corridor web site was in need of an overhaul. Following suit with the needs of a publication business, and keeping in the spirit of the original site design, Perigee Global went about bringing it up to date both in terms of layout and technology. The refreshed layout retains the familiar visual cues and generous use of negative white space of the original while pulling the components together into an intuitive layout flow. On the back end, a publication mitigating system was put in place that offers a means of browsing through back issues and the viewing of featured articles, issue page flippers, and PDF downloads of complete issues.

    The corridor web site is a custom solution, built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and the jQuery Javascript framework.

    Custom Website Re-Design for The Corridor - Long Island

  • Designer Dental Studio

    Designer Dental Studio is a boutique dental laboratory providing life-like quality custom restorations to discerning dentists and patients. All restorations are "100% Made In The USA - With Pride", using quality materials by highly skilled and qualified professionals. Located in the heart of Smithtown, New York, Design Dental Studio's clean and welcoming state-of-the-art facility craft products with the highest quality and attention to detail, for truly life-like results. Their mission is to provide aesthetic and functional smiles which make doctors proud and patients smile with confidence.

    Given Design Dental Studio's extreme eye for detail, aesthetics, and cutting edge technology, nothing less than the same would do for their website. Taken by our approach to applying current technology to captivating design, Design Dental Studio chose Perigee Global to craft a custom online web presence from the ground up to represent their business.

    Blending a synergy of approachable warmth, high fashion, and a sense of modern technology, Perigee Global rendered a site that is both alluring and informative to dental practitioners and the public alike. The jQuery-powered website features an engaging home page slideshow and navigation, modern javascript image galleries, and a Google Map enabled contact page. The main gallery provides informative examples of actual work for dentist and patients, all within a intuitive and elegant navigation.

    The Design Dental Studio web site is a custom solution, built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and the jQuery Javascript framework.

    Services Provided

    Custom Website Design for Designer Dental Studio - NY

  • TOCDocs

    TOCDocs breaks down large pieces of legislation and regulations into a simple table of contents and distributes these tables through its website. For instance, TOCDocs created a multi-tiered table of contents for the two enactments passed in 2010 that collectively reform our national health care system - consisting of over 50 provisions and in excess of 1,000 pages.

    Powered by the versitile Magento e-commerce backend, Perigee provided customizations necessary for TOCDoc's online store, including branding, custom templating, and streamlined checkout. Product configuration and home page featured products were also customized to meet TOCDoc's needs.

    TOCDocs is a complete e-commerce solution. Perigee Global provided the installation, setup, configuration and hosting of the Magento backend. Other services include Paypal integration, quick checkout plugin installation and configuration, branding awareness & corporate identity services, and custom graphics.

    Powerful E-Commerce Store Solution and Hosting for

  • MovieBattles II

    Movie Battles is a class-based and team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - completely altering the multiplayer experience in order to deliver those famous battle and duel scenes seen in the movies. With the main focus being teamplay, balance and movie-like battles, it offers diverse classes, representing the various archetypes of characters seen throughout the movies. The game also offers an altered Sabering System, giving the player full control over his lightsaber

    As a volunteer community project - the team has limited in-house resources. However, with our knowledge and infrastructure powering their online presence and tools, including all shared development components (including Mercurial and Subversion repositories) the team have been able to keep the mod in development over the past 5 years without the worry of growing beyond the means of a rigid hosting service

    Among the services we provide are CDN (Content Delivery Network) for access to both their video content as well as their downloadable game files, Dedicated hosting (Site, Forum, Development and Bugtracking Systems), and website customizations (such as the frontend coding and components for the Media Library).

    Flexible Media Library and Streaming Service for MovieBattles II

  • Batters Up Long Island

    Batters Up Long Island provides the opportunity for the beginning player to acquire the baseball fundamentals that are the foundation of the game and for the advanced player to fine tune their skills to compete at the next level. In addition The "College Ball Game" provides elite High School players with a program that will lead them to the right college choice on the field and in the classroom.

    In need of a site overhaul to keep pace with the dynamic and energy-driven business, a simple referral was all it took for Batters Up Long Island to level the playing field. Based off a pre-fabricated template, Perigee Global performed extensive customizations to both the structure and the graphics files to establish unique branding identity. Based on the existing logo, the site follows the color scheme and design cues such that the site matches the business - not the other way around. Additional modifications, such as javascript sub-navigations, image gallery, and an AJAX contact form only serve to enhance the strong visual appearance.

    The Batters Up Long Island web site is built from a Boxed Art template foundation, and then heavily customized to meet the needs of the client. It is constructed from HTML, CSS, jQuery Javascript framework, and numerous Photoshop files. They have also chosen us to provide the hosting solution.

    Client Says

    Perigee and their team provides Batters Up Long Island with the foundation, support and web based presence I need to run a successful business. Perigee also provides me with hosting peace of mind...a Home Run!!

  • Halpin's Self Catering

    The Halpin family own and operate a high-quality, purpose built, modern bungalow in Listowel, Co. Kerry in Ireland. As the only large self-catering property in the town, it offers a high standard of accommodation for families or groups visiting the South-West - at an affordable price. Featuring landscaped gardens, satellite TV, pool table and Wi-Fi Internet, guests are provided with a luxurious property in a beautiful and idyllic countryside location.

    The site's design was conceptualized to capture the interior design of the house, as well as to clearly identify itself with being Irish. For the gallery area, we used the SlideShow Pro system to provide ease of management as well as stunning display and presentation of the property's photos.

    The website also provides two seperate areas to showcase photography of both the house's interior and the surrounding countryside in order to truly engage site visitors that are seeking both information and accommodation in the South-West of ireland

    Custom Site Design for Halpin's Self Catering

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