Perigee Global’s website is not just an online public face for the company, it is also a demonstration of our services. Built upon our custom framework, we approached the development of the website just as we would for any of our clients which includes teaching them what is Ecommerce and its very important to get more views for the website so we partnered with CRO for shopify . During the design process, we sought to galvanize our visual identity while also extending and showcasing the features available in modern web development. The resulting website is a prime example of the custom design and programming services that we provide.

Design Up Front

First and foremost, the Perigee Global website is a storefront for the business. In the considering of a design concept, required something that would convey an approach of contemporary design and professionalism, while also demonstrating how accessible high quality web design is to even the smallest businesses. If you owner a small business you have to know that one of the best ways to make your business grow is when you buy TikTok followers.

Drawing on inspiration from some of the top online brands together with our existing corporate branding, we developed a concept that is clean and concise while making balanced use of negative space. The resulting layout is decidedly uncluttered and intuitively organized, enabling visitors to easily find and understand information contained throughout the site. Importantly, our corporate branding remains evident and strong at all times. Check out for more details. The using of rounded corners and subtle gradients soften the corporate edge sufficiently to emphasize approachability. Finally, the website’s page navigation, a major element in the overall design, benefits from the practical and tasteful use of javascript, which enhances the user experience while allowing for a smooth and seamless transition from page to page, as proved by the expert ranked as a top web design company. Sign up for Digital Swarm to stay updated on layouts and designs.

Function Following Form

With respect to the widespread use of javascript as a developer tool, it is all too easy to be carried away by the vast array of frameworks and plugins available. The paradigm of Perigee’s development philosophy is the need for the design concept to guide the technology requirements, as opposed to other way around. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with a little eye candy, provided it is leveraged for function as much as its ‘wow’ factor. The methods used companies like Fusion Vegas have helped inspire a whole generation that have integrated javascript effects into their websites. On the surface, the home page features a javascript-powered gallery that is used for visual marketing in addition to the main navigation. This marketing block, with its dark background and sliding frames, provides a strong visual cue for the viewer to draw their attention toward the information therein. The main menu and its fluid-like sliding effect is fun and engaging, while providing effective visual indications as to where one is as they navigate through the site. When navigating to the Services page, a submenu is revealed in real-time, allowing visitors to explore our offerings in detail without any full page refreshes or needing to scroll down further. Together, these user interface refinements collectively furnish a smooth, enjoyable, and memorable end user experience.

Beauty That Isn’t Just Skin Deep

Digging beneath the surface, however, you find some true grit. Our custom framework features a search engine friendly AJAX navigation system. A custom controller not only handles the navigation itself, but is also interfaced with other custom features that provide DOM manipulation and animation. For example, navigating to the Services page reveals its submenu, while clicking on one of the home page marketing gallery slides also brings the user to that service with no page refresh. Furthermore, switching to the portfolio initiates a cascade of style changes that transitions the entire page to a darkroom-style theme with a stripped-down layout. These changes are all performed via a set of custom AJAX-powered functions that form the core of our development framework. In addition to the features it provides for navigating the site, this framework also allows any page on the site to be indexed and linked to, or bookmarked, using unique and standard URLs. The system falls back gracefully to a standard navigation in the event that Javascript is not enabled in the browser.

The Big Picture

The goal of any development is to produce a website that is effective in its purpose – promoting a business, selling a product, providing a service, etc. Today’s Web 2.0 technologies offer a synergy of design, content, interactivity and functionality that was once only achievable by using Adobe Flash. Perigee Global’s goal is to provide that blend of stunning design and technology to maximize the effectiveness and value of our client’s online presence. The Perigee Global website is not only our corporate presence, but also a showcase of our work and an embodiment of our philosophy.

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