With the depletion of ipv4 addresses estimated to occur in a matter days, it is highly important that hosting providers, and ISPs test and deploy an IPv6 service on their systems as soon as possible so as to encourage the adoption and use of it by end-users. To this end, the team at Perigee have built up our infrastructure and selected service providers that allow us to operate on IPv6 and thus provide our services over IPv6 today.

There are many links in the chain of an IPv6 ecosystem however, and to ensure a smooth upgrade and transition is performed, every angle needs to be considered. From DNS systems returning IPv6 addresses, to the DNS servers being reachable via IPv6. Then there are firewall policies and any IP-based ACLs or restrictions. On top of this however is software such as databases (MySQL etc), E-mail services (both mailbox and filtering systems and their relevant DNS Blacklists) and control panel GUIs.

A vast amount of software is now thankfully IPv6-ready, however there remains some crucial elements without support as of yet which threaten to delay full migrations or upgrades of customers. Today, we are proud to announce that all of our dedicated servers, virtual servers and hosted e-mail and DNS systems are ready for access over the IPv6 internet. The configurations will be finalized and implemented very soon to ensure all relevant systems are actively working and resolving via IPv6. Unfortunately, shared hosting systems (powered by cPanel) are not ready for IPv6 due to lack of support for IPv6 in cPanel.

IPv6 is poised to help boost network efficiency and features, as well as enable the increased rate of device additions to the internet, while allowing all devices to be globally addressable thereby negating the requirement for NAT (Network Address Translation) as exists today.

So, we encourage everyone to learn more about IPv6, ensure you’re hosting is IPv6-ready and that you are also setup for IPv6 connectivity at home or work, even if just using an IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnel service (he.net, sixxs.net, gogo6.com). To start the upgrade for your business systems, Order IPv6 enabled hosting services today and get your business or service onto the IPv6 internet now.

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  2. Gazduire web says:

    Keaping up with evolution is important

    IPV4 is oldschool/history

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