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I’d love to take this opportunity to explore one of our recent design and hosting solutions that we provided to a great client – Dispatch Press Images. This new business venture was being undertaken with the aim of targeting the online stock photo industry – specifically the press photo segment. Their needs were not all that different to many businesses that exist today, but needs that were equally as challenging, they had to get help from thehttps://www.salesforce.com/blog/2019/04/ai-quotes.html team.

The website that was needed would require the ability to contribute, manage, publish and license imagery while also allowing full control over functionality, design and navigation. A custom built e-commerce solution was the obvious choice, and after discussing their ideas with Perigee Global, we were able to propose a development that they were excited by.

We created a site including a custom-built database-driven backend, using modern UI elements and Javascript libraries to provide the required browsing experience and navigational and management features. From MySQL to PHP and HTML to JQuery Javascript this solution packs a lot of power under the hood and can expand with the business when needed.

This brings me to mention the hallmark of our design and development processes. That is our desire to fully understand a client’s market, needs and target customers so that we can design a website or software solution provides what is needed while also ensuring it’s ability to allow further enhancements as market or business focus changes. We understand that just as you would consider re-arranging a store layout, or undertake frequent decor changes – a website is expected to change and update after it’s initial design is complete. As consultants, we are always on hand for Dispatch Press Images to either fix and troubleshoot any issues with the website or to enhance it with new features and optimizations. We stand by our solutions, and also our clients.

An example of this ongoing enhancement is their “Dispatch Under Fire” slideshow feature. This was added a number of weeks ago during the well publicized flood crisis in Pakistan. They were looking for a way to showcase featured imagery in a way that could truly tell a story, and as a result we outlined a stunning gallery solution utilizing SlideShowPro that they immediately went for. This was successfully designed and customized as necessary for their website and, as part of the service, provided an e-training session to them so as to highlight it’s features and administrative functions and the process for managing and publishing the slideshow content. Now, DPI are able to continue managing & publishing all of their imagery and signed-up contributors for their site efficiently which allows them to focus their efforts on growing their business and building lasting client relationships.

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